Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mummy Mountain via Lawn Lake Th.

I read somewhere it rained 28/31 days in May, which means the mountains got a lot of late season snow.  Last year I did this hike to get to Hagues Peak.  This year I repeated it just to get out, gain some elevation, and work hard.  A training hike of sorts.  Since I have been to Mummy several times, I won't cover the trip in detail, but just wanted to give some general conditions photos for the area.  Of note, I was there May 28, 2014, so all links that go to last year were photos taken on that day.  For reference, these photos were taken on June 2, 2015.
Near the trail head at dawn.
Intermittent snow was first encountered around the intersection for Cutbank campsite, which is about 3 miles in.  This became more continuous as elevation increased, but at times was minimal due to exposure.  Starting early meant it was still pretty solid and able to support body weight.  It was definitely softer and more likely to post hole on the way back.
Mummy from the trail.  I could already see there was a lot more snow than last year.
Nearing the base of Mummy Mountain.
Looking up into the bowl of Lawn Lake and Crystal Lakes, surrounded by three 13ers (last year).
Mummys east ridge.  The snow and general fatigue made travel slow (last year showing much less).
Longs Peak and friends.  
Tiny alpine wildflowers.
Nearing the summit of Mummy Mountain (last year).
The summit cairn.  I was not able to find the register, even with digging out the snow a bit (last year).
Looking toward Hagues.  I was thinking of adding this on, but decided to turn back due to the large amount of snow and my general slowness up to this point (on this ridge last year).
Ypsilon and some huge cornices.
Leaving the summit.  
Back up into the bowl.  Crazy to see how much more snow there is this year.
Longs and friends behind Mount Tileston and Bighorn Mountain (similar view last year).
Fairchild and snow (last year).
Due to all the rain, the Colorado landscape is green and lush, and we still have all this snow yet to melt.  After some intense storms this week, it looks like some nicer weather is ahead.  Hopefully the sun will help to melt out this snow.  I am already counting down how many possible weeks I have to get out, how many days that equals, and what I have to get done.  I am looking forward to the season, and know already it is going to be a big year.  Most of what I have left to do is on the west side of the park, which means longer drives and longer days.  But I am looking forward to seeing some places in the park that are rarely visited.  I hope to meet you out there.  Thank you as always for reading.
Mummy Mountain, 13,425 feet, SE Ridge via Lawn Lake Th:
7.2 miles one way, 4885 foot gain.  Second class.  Strenuous.

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