The List.

This was laboriously copied by me from Lisa Foster's book Rocky Mountain National Park: The Complete Hiking Guide.  I could not find a list of all the named destinations in RMNP anywhere else on the web. 


  1. Andy,

    I have compiled a list of all officially named (USGS) features in RMNP. Excluding stream, trail, and road names, and graves/cemeteries, it numbers 386. There are a few features that are near the park boundary, and I don't know how to determine if they're in the park or not.

    Here are a couple of "recently" named features that are not in Foster:

    1. Tent Rocks, between the campsite trail and North St. Vrain Creek in Wild Basin. I've been to USGS "exact" coordinates, but there's nothing remarkable there (or in the immediate vicinity), and I've found no one who knows this feature.
    2. Hazels Cone, just north of Horseshoe Park. I've been atop this little feature, on a club hike (Estes Park Trail Trekkers), led by Kent Keller (deceased). He called it "Morning Point." There's considerable bighorn sheep "evidence" up there.

    One "mystery" I've yet to solve: Near Lost Lake are two named features that apparently do not exist: Glacier Number 1 Dam and Glacier Number 1 Reservoir. Google Earth shows nothing but trees at the designated coordinates.

    I am happy to share my list (Word document), but don't have a web site. I have a few things to "tidy up." For example, some official names do not refer to specific features, so I'm thinking of leaving them off the list; e.g., "Continental Divide," "Mummy Range," "Never Summer Mountains." But where to draw the line? Should Wild Basin be on the list? What about Forest Canyon?

    Jim S. Estes Park

    1. Hey Jim,
      Good points all around. I've included some things that aren't officially in RMNP, but are a logical extension to what is. Looking at the Never Summer range, nearly all of it is in, however the line was drawn to exclude the northern most summit, Nokhu Crags. To me, that is a logical extension of the range, as is Mount Mahler, Braddock Peak, and Seven Utes Mountain, so I've included those. Since Lake Agnes is surrounded by those on three sides, I've included it as well.
      I haven't heard of Tent Rocks, but have heard of Hazel's Cone (just haven't been there/added it as of yet).
      I'm not sure about the stuff near Lost Lake- what is your source for those? Don't see them on any maps. Another good one is Cascade Lake, seen on the USGS map SW of the Fall River entrance. Maybe there once was a body of water there, but nothing on the satellite view- I still went and there's nothing there anymore, just Fall River.
      As for things that aren't a specific point, but a general region, I don't include those on my list. Examples as you've given include the Continental Divide and various ranges. Wild Basin is a general area, not a specific place. Forest Canyon is a specific place, so I could see it being included, but how to count it or any other canyon for that matter? Hike the entire length (which would be incredibly difficult in that example)? Pass through perpendicularly?
      Anyway, I'd like to see your list-

  2. Just wanted to add that Cascade Lake/dam was wiped out with the Lawn Lake flood in the summer of 1982. Thanks for your great access descriptions to our local Estes Park hikes such as Castle Mtn., Old Man, east Deer Ridge, etc.

  3. Andy, I have enjoyed your posts for several years. Sorry to see no new blog entries in 2021. I've just completed and copyrighted a spreadsheet of RMNP features, and am happy to send it to you if you like. If you want to incorporate it into your site, just ask for permission and acknowledge the copyright holder.

    -- jim s