Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Pool via Fern Lake Trailhead.

My parents were in town this past week for a visit, and it seems one of their favorite things to visit in the region is RMNP.  We wanted something a bit easier, and the day before they had tried for Cub Lake but turned back due to weather.  They decided we could head for The Pool and attempt Fern Falls depending on how we felt.
From the Beaver Meadows entrance, take a left on Bear Lake road.  Construction is currently happening on this road, so be prepared to stop.  Turn left into Moraine Park, and follow the road to the Fern Lake Trailhead.  We actually parked down the road from this at the restrooms and picnic tables.
The parking area filled to the brim.
 Following mom along the trail.
The view along the trail.
Looking west along the Big Thompson River.
You'll eventually make it to an area with a ton of large boulders.  The trail actually weaves through the ones pictured above. 
Shortly after, you'll make it there.
The Pool.
We decided to head on to Fern Falls, but took a wrong turn that alot of people take apparently.  We were probably most of the way to Cub Lake when we ran into a couple who told us the Fern Lake trail was to the right of where we were.  Oh well.
We saw this small fall on the trail.
And also this Moose!  He fortunately was much more interested in eating than he was in us, unlike my last encounter.
The moraine to the North.
Heading back down.
 Lush forest in this area.
We saw some Elk on the way out of the park. 
The Pool is a pretty neat destination, and would be good to head to if you have younger kids or maybe some older folks in your party.  There is nothing technical, the hike is relatively short in distance, and the gain is low.   
The Pool via Fern Lake Trailhead:
1.7 miles one way, 150 foot gain.  Easy.

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